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TapGlobal's mission is to help recruit the brightest talent for the best organizations worldwide, optimizing their potential skills. Our strategy is to discover the most qualified talent across geographies by offering unique customized solutions that help our clients build and lead winning teams.
Ours is an all-inclusive recruitment solution for any size business. To find the best-fit talent, we leverage the latest technology in staffing, including AI-driven candidate screening processes, expert screening, and intervention on shortlisted candidates.
We focus on your core business priorities by identifying and attracting the best of the talent available in the market for you. Our complete recruitment solutions offer assistance beyond all your administration needs - be it HR operations management or enterprise-wide IT roadmap with long-term growth in mind.
Industries benefiting from availing our recruitment services are Technology, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, and Banking & Financial Services. We continuously hunt for qualified candidates and help you build a workforce that supports your company culture and goals.

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Part-Time & Contract Staffing
Upsizing, global competition, and rapidly evolving technology led to temporary staffing. Welcome to the new age of Flexi staffing. Individual contractors, part-time or contract-based employees, are preferred over full-time employees. Flexi jobs are here to stay based on the projects companies have on hand.
With our industry-leading database, executive search capabilities, and in-house resources, you can trust us to find the right part-time or contract professionals. They can help your business grow in distinctive aspects.
Permanent Staffing
Being one of the fastest-growing recruitment firms, we provide unrivaled permanent staffing solutions. Our recruitment specialists have access to an extensive network of exceptional candidates looking for full-time job vacancies locally and internationally.
We reach out to talented candidates looking for permanent roles through our headhunting methodology, marketing strategies, advertising, and established network of contacts. As a respected recruitment service provider, we are sought out by dynamic job seekers who are unceasingly ready with unmatched skills and experience.
Remote Recruitment
Remote working has become the new normal and is expected to rise to a tremendous one-third of the working population in the coming years.
The usually remote-working-shy companies embrace video calls to discuss projects, job interviews, one-on-ones, and even coffee breaks. If your business is looking to make the shift, TapGlobal can help! Our team of recruiters is proficient at finding the best candidate for your company with the right skill-set and a great culture fit and attitude.
Executive Search
Being an expert-led recruitment company, TapGlobal guides you on the strategic recruitment of highly qualified executives your company needs. We are exceptional headhunters using a bespoke delivery approach and methodology for a seamless candidate hiring experience.
Along with our clients, we build an executive search strategy led by data-driven insights to assure your senior hire is the best hire for your company. From discovery, inquiry, evaluation, shortlist, selection, job offer, and on-boarding, we help you better understand your talent and their potential.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Our talent acquisition consultants are well-known for their experience and tenacity in delivering high-impact talent to organizations. We’re specialists in designing RPO solutions to help companies exceed their competitors in acquiring qualified talent.
We offer End-to-End and Project RPO Solutions that are completely tailored to an organization’s unique requirements, which helps to align with their overall objectives.
The End-to-End RPO often evolves through value-added services, such as company branding, advanced recruitment technologies, and conditional workforce management. Organizations can expect significant savings, competencies, hiring outcomes, fulfilment, and compliance.
Project RPO is a productive solution and is similar to end-to-end RPO, especially when it comes to service design and capability. It provides an agile recruiting solution that is time-saving, economical, and quickly scalable.
We understand employees are your most significant – and most expensive – asset. We do not just fill an empty seat; we’re committed to finding you the most competent candidate.
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